have you ever been stuck for inspiration?

For the longest time I thought inspiration had to come from some place grand and awesome; like the majesty of a breathtaking landscape, or the idea that sprouts from some deep thought. It was an attitude that paralyzed my creativity. And then one day I started flipping back through my sketchbook, and I really took the time to see what types of things I was sketching and collecting there. That's when I began to notice a pattern in what I was paying attention to, and it wasn't some grand landscape (although I love those) but rather it was the repetition of little ordinary things.

street craft

Street Craft  by Riika Kuittinen might just be my favorite art book of 2015. Her book is filled with gorgeous photographs of street craft from artists all over the world. I've never really thought of myself as a street craft fan; but I absolutely loved the work in this book. I think maybe it is because of how completely unexpected the work is. No matter what type of materials the artist uses (and there is a huge range) there is always that common element of surprise.

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let's make something

Over the holidays I finished reading the fantastic new book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. In it she touches on so many topics related to creating. (fear, doubt, resistance, anyone?) But the passage that really struck me was when she stated this fact: "The earliest evidence of recognizible human art is forty thousand years old. The earliest evidence of human agriculture, by contrast is only ten thousand years old.

What's the deal with polymer clay?

I discovered the possibilities of polymer clay after I attended a workshop with polymer artist Cynthia Toops. Until that time, I thought polymer clay was just another type of modeling clay for kids. Boy, was I wrong! Over the past couple of years, I have become addicted to polymer's limitless possibilities.

365 Project Day 1

Hello, and Welcome to the first day of my 365 Project!

My Mission: To make a bead out of polymer clay or metal each day, and post a picture of it on my Instagram page.

My Task: To ideate, design, and finish a bead which is inspired by ordinary, everyday objects.

My Goal: To get better at noticing the beautiful ordinary in life, to loosen up my work methods, and to explore bead making in a more in-depth way.

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